Below are On-Line Course listings. These courses are what is called “evergreen” classes-they are pre-recorded videos that walk you through specific dye and surface design processes. You will always be able to get a hold of me through email if you have questions about anything. There is a course description for each class as well as the link to purchase the class. If you have any questions regarding any of the classes prior to purchase, please contact me here

Immersion Dye with Natural Dyes

This class teaches students the fundamentals of using natural plants and natural plant extracts to color fabric.  The students will learn how to mordant fabric,  and use natural dye powders such as cutch, kamala and parrot tree to create beautifully colored fabric.  We will be dyeing various fabrics to see how the color looks on different types of fabric. 

Supply list attached to description in the shop, as well as where to buy some natural dyestuff, extracts and mordants. A kit is available for this class here. The kit includes a 1oz package of an extract, a 2oz package of regular dye powder and tannin, and a 6 oz package of non-ferric Aluminum Sulfate all for $25.00.  

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Dirty Dyeing with Fiber Reactive Dyes

Get down and dirty with this immersion dyeing class, a bit looser in approach than creating reproduceable colors.  Students will learn the basics of how to safely color fabric using a dye bath and fiber reactive dyes, specifically procion mx dyes. It is a good introduction to dye safety and the process of immersion dyeing with no mathematical equations to create a reproduceable color. Color is free and loose and open to interpretation.   Regardless of your project, this class is a foundational class and a good introduction to the world of dyeing.   

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