Fine art

This section is dedicated to my art-for-art sake self.  I have learned over the years, I have to create. Some ideas will not be ignored and these are the manifestations of those ideas.  Most of the pieces are for sale, and if you are really taken by a particular piece, please do not hesitate to contact me for price and specifications of the piece.

Home Sick

This series are my reflections on my memories of Michigan. They were made for a 2012 show at the Bridge gallery in Colorado Springs.  Click here to go to the page


Meant to be fun and experimental, these sketches are exercises of my creative muscle.  Click here to go to the page

Fiber Sketches

A take-off from the ink sketches, these are all fiber wall hangings inspired by shapes and textures. Click here


Another experimental series that mixes alternative photography process with sewing. Click here