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Color is a power that directly influences the soul

-Wassily Kandinsky


Redefining the Role of Fabric to an Art

Continuing the craft of hand dyeing and hand printing in the digital age.

Silk Charmeuse dyed with fiber reactive dyes and painted with mineral paints.

Melanie Audet Limited Editions is a small artist owned business in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. We hand dye and handprint fabric yardage in our home studio. The fabric yardage is sold as is or sewn into unique items. We have been doing our craft for 20+ years. We focus on our dyeing and contract our sewing to small, independently run businesses in the US.

Changing perspectives with Hand Dyed Fabric

At Melanie Audet Limited Editions, our aim is to bring more awareness to the importance of fabric. By focusing our efforts on hand dyeing and hand printing small yards of fabric at a time, we hope to change how people view fabric. We hope to bring a deeper appreciation to the artistry and value fabric has. And by contracting our sewing to smaller, independently run businesses, we ensure a standard of safety in employee’s lifestyle and workplace. It’s no secret the fashion industry has a huge impact environmentally and socially. We are here to offer an alternative. We hope this offering will begin a trend that eventually helps alleviate fashion’s massive impact.


Creating community and building lasting relationships


Creating with minimal impact


Quality goods made with natural materials that last

Supporting an independent artist makes a difference in everyone’s life

When you purchase from Melanie Audet Limited Editions you choose to buy exclusive, well-crafted and one-of-a-kind items that don’t end up in landfills. We make a conscious effort to use materials with minimal environmental impact, and we try to engage with companies that are as conscious as we are. Supporting Melanie Audet Limited Editions and Twig and Berry Dyes supports all those dedicated to making a difference.

What We Offer

Neckwear: a bespoke collection of hand dyed and hand printed neckwear. Click here

Twig and Berry Dyes: a natural dye line highlighting hand dyed fabric and items using only natural dye.  The link leads to a separate website that showcases natural dyed items as well as surface design supplies, such as wood blocks, dye extracts and mordant powders. Click here

Fine Art : a gallery of pieces that are art for art’s sake.  If you are taken by something in particular, please contact me. Click here

Shop: Small one of a kind gift items and hand dyed fabric for your projects. Click here

Interested in learning how to do your own stunts? Take an online class and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home

Courses: pre-recorded classes how to dye and pattern fabric using various techniques in the comfort of your home at your pace. For more information and class descriptions, click here

The soul is dyed with the color of its thoughts

Marcus Aurelius