Welcome to my site. Thank you for visiting.  

This website is a working portfolio of my artwork.  It is constantly changing. It is a record of my evolution into what I hope to be doing, visually, as an artist.  I choose to share this evolution and hope this record will interest or inspire others.  Enjoy the show. 

A quick tour-

If you are looking to buy small items such as Scarves, Sarongs, Neckties, and Hand Dyed Sheet Sets, please visit The Shop.  You will be able to preview and purchase all items.  Small lengths of Fabric, Upcycled Fabric, Artist Proofs and Hand Dyed Yardage are also available.  Each category has a short description if you have any questions as to what something is.  *Please note, all yardage are limited runs, one of a kind and because of the nature of the process, cannot be reproduced.  Please contact me if you have a specific request.

The Fine Art section is a gallery of non-practical items, with a small description of what the series is about.  I love mixed media and drawing and sometimes I need to stretch my creative muscle where form does not follow function, but rather art is for arts sake.  If you are taken by something in particular, please contact me.

 The Blog Entries are sporadic and poignant to my life and continuing education as an artist.  I try to share the epiphanies I have while creating or doing, as an artist.  The blogs began as I started back into the foray of being and artist, and continue to present day.  They are the ramblings of triumphs and failures of this long strange trip I am on.

The Courses are pre-recorded classes available for purchase if you would like to learn at home, at your own pace and during your free time, how to dye and pattern fabric using various techniques.  These classes will be put up as they are recorded and edited.  Please check back periodically for any updates or follow me on instagram @maudetlimited_editions to learn when new classes have been posted.

The Collaborations section are collaborations I have done with other artists or designers.  This section is a way to promote not only my work, but showcase other artists work as well and is as much about the other artist in the collaboration as it is about my work.  I am a big advocate for working together and this section highlights my belief.   If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me and we can have a virtual chat with some tea or coffee and see how we can collaborate.

Twig and Berry Dyes is a section that will lead you to a separate website where I sell and showcase natural dyes and surface design supplies, such as wood blocks, dye extracts and mordant powders.  This website is more of a commercial or product based website and less of a portfolio driven website, though I do showcase some of my work with natural dyes.